The Scythe-Wielders are a group of warriors who protect the middleground between Chaos and Control.


The Scythe-Wielders have numerous abilites, some due to their state of undeath, some inherent abilities, and some they received from their training.

  • Reality Defiance

A power different than Reality-bending, Reality Defiance is the ability to defy or ignore the laws of reality. This allows them to move objects they otherwise couldn't due to Newton's Third Law of Motion, or move at insanely high speeds without causing nuclear fusion. How far this ability extends depends on the strength of the Scythe-Wielder.

  • Reality-bending: 

All Scythe-Wielders have limited reality-bending capabilities. They are capable of altering the properties (weight, durability, etc.) of any object they have direct control over. This ability does have limits though. Objects can only be made so durable, and it takes too much energy to increase it anymore. The Scythe-Wielders are also incapable of spreading this control to sentient beings, as they are capable of acting out, even when held.

  • Reality-bending Immunity:

The Scythe-Wielders, due to their existence outside of the worlds, also can not have reality bent around them. This makes them the perfect soldiers against otherwise unstoppable beings, such as gods.

  • Regeneration:

The Scythe-Wielders have powerful regeneration abilities. They are capable of healing smaller wounds, such as cuts and broken bones nearly instantly. Larger wounds, such as a broken neck or amputated limbs take a bit longer to heal. They are also capable of completely reforming their body if they take grevious damage. Though they are killed if their consciousness is destroyed.

  • Durability, Strength, and Speed:

Through their reality-bending and their training, the Scythe-Wielders have incredible durability, stamina, Strength, and Speed. Stronger Scythe-Wielders can fight for days on end, and are not fazed by most injuries. All of them can survive otherwise fatal blows, such as falling out of orbit, or being thrown through a building. The stronger ones can survive being crushed by continents, or even being thrown through a planet. Their strength varies widely from one Scythe-Wielder to the next. The weaker ones are capable of uprooting large trees easily, while the stronger ones can rip up continents and push smaller planets. Speed is even more variable, ranging from a low mach, to near light-speed. A few of these feats can only be accomplished within worlds, and not reality itself.

Notable Scythe-WieldersEdit

These are Scythe-Wielders who are either well-known, or incredibly instrumental to the saga in some way.

  • Crepusculum- The Guard of Twilight, and the Angel of Strength.
  • Heres Crepuscula- The Heir of Twilight, and the Angel of Rust.
  • Samoht - The Bearer of Twilight, and the Angel of Death.
  • Clockmaker- The Orchestrator of Twilight, and the Angel of Madness.
  • Switch-Scythe - The Ambassador of Twilight, and the Angel of Steel.
  • Dato Crepuscula- The Bringer of Twilight, and the Angel of Fire.