The Heroes of Twilight are nine warriors that tread in the middleground. Their worlds lost their creators, and thus Samoht and Crepsuculum watch over them. They are gathered when forces of Chaos or Control become over bearing for the Scythe-Wielders , taking care of the grunt forces so the leaders can be dealt with more easily. Though every time they return to their worlds all memory of leaving is left behind.

The nine heroes include Silentium, Silius Crepusculum, Fir3Fly, Venator, Harmonium, Lues, Trinitas, Wrath, and filius Robur. Each hero comes from completely different backgrounds with advantages and disadvantages that compensate for each other to form an almost invincible group. The only weakness is the heroes' ability to work together. Robur naturally always becomes the leader of the group.